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Royal Blue Property Maintenance

The grass is always greener when somebody else cuts it. And Royal Blue Property Maintenance is here to trim your lawn, build your patio, and keep the snowbanks under control. To build and grow their brand image, the Durham-area company relies on Linkeo’s website creation and SEO services.

For me, image matters. If you show up in a junky old truck, people will make assumptions about you. And that might not be right but that’s how it works. Appearance matters. When they see a solid, professional website, people will think you will treat their property professionally. / Case study

screenshot website Royal Blue Property Maintenance

Summerhill Optometry

Located in Summerhill, Toronto, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional eye exams and eyewear, including contact lenses, glasses and more.

screenshot website Summerhill Optometry

Coretemp Heating And Air Inc.

Are you ready to prepare and protect your home for the summer and winter? Coretemp Heating And Air Inc. has got you covered!

screenshot website Coretemp Heating And Air Inc.


March Elevator Limited provides elevator maintenance, service, repair upgrades and modernization programs – which are customized to suit our clients specific needs.

screenshot website MARCH ELEVATOR LIMITED

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