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Stay on top of the market with the online solutions that clients have come to expect.

Deliver: A complete eco-system of Click & Collect options for restaurants and small businesses.

Planner: With easy online booking, customers can reserve appointments 24/7 from any device. Manage their requests in just a few clicks and experience the joy of effortless logistics.

Quote: From click to quote, get free, easy online estimates for your clients.

Deliver—a game-changer for restaurants and local businesses

QR Code Menu

No more long wait times.

With the scan of their smartphone camera, customers order directly from their table. It’s paperless, effortless, and hands-free. Orders will be served in the dining room, or prepared for pickup.

The QR code menu means one less step for your staff. Now they’ll have more time and energy to focus on your customers.

Click and Collect

Get the benefits of a delivery platform without the exorbitant costs.

Deliver by Linkeo offers a commission-free option to selling your products online.

Your customers choose in-store pick-up or home delivery with no hidden fees.

Table Reservations

Say goodbye to phone and email reservations.

Speed up your ordering process with easy online table reservations

available from the comfort of your website or social media pages.

Get a discount when you subscribe to Deliver online

Planner, the lifesaving online booking solution for service providers.

24/7 Reservations

Reduce phone calls by 30%

Fill your schedule day and night, even outside of business hours! Now your clients can book an appointment 24/7 from your website, Google My Business Page, or social media accounts.

Stay on top of your schedule from a single, user-friendly interface.

Reduce No-Shows and Double Your Bookings

Cut down your absentee rate by 75%.

Send out automatic reminders to prevent no-shows. Stay organized and sync Planner with your personal calendar.

Avoid last-minute cancellations with online payments and deposits.

Connect with Your Customers

Boost engagement with built-in marketing strategies.

Optimize your booking rate with select promo time slots. Create gift cards so your clients can offer your services to their loved ones.

QUOTE—Free, Easy Online Estimates

From click to quote...

Offer your clients clear, automatic estimates directly from your website. In just a few clicks,you clients get an accurate reliable estimate.

From there, you can call them to create a more in-depth quote.

Optimize your work day

With QUOTE you save all the time you would otherwise spend answering the phone or emails. Now you can put your energy back into your business.

Once the online estimates come in, you can respond to your most fruitful requests.

Create a client database

With each estimate, you get your prospects' contact info. Once the software sends out their estiamte, you can reach out to them to learn more about their needs.

QUOTE gives you direct access to your clients. With their emails and phone numbers, you can create a customer database and stay in touch. Keep them up to date on your latest news, plans, and promotions.

So far, we've worked with more than 20,000 small business owners just like you. We're committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.

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